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Jul 24, 2023

Vicki is a motivational speaker, adventurer, entrepreneur and world record holder. 

After 20 years in a relationship that limited and stifled her, former advertising professional, turned fitness pioneer and award-winning entrepreneur, Vicki became one of the first ever women to participate in Channel 4’s ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’, reaching the final stages after 11 days in extreme conditions at an altitude of 3,000ft in Chile.

In 2021, she and 2 other women, the Girls Who Dare, set a new World Record for rowing unaided across the Pacific Ocean, confronting her fear of deep, open water to do so. It took 60 days, 17 hours and 6 minutes.

This year, she plans to participate in the World’s Toughest Bike Race, the Race Across America (RAAM), covering 3,000 miles across 17 states in just 7 days.

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Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show: 


  • How leaving a 20 year marriage gave her the permission to live her best life
  • The reason becoming physically fit gave her emotional empowerment
  • The resilience misconceptions she had
  • Why fear is really just opportunity in disguise and learning to manage it
  • Navigating difficult relationships and how you can’t live as a lone wolf and expect to achieve great things 
  • The importance of momentum and breaking things down into manageable chunks




Vicki Anstey – Female Motivational Speaker

Personal Growth | Intrepid (

Personal Growth | Intrepid (


Vicki Anstey (@vickianstey) on Instagram




vickianstey (@vickianstey) / Twitter


Vicki Anstey - Motivational Speaker - Vicki Anstey | LinkedIn


Why fear is a choice | Vicki Anstey | TEDxKingstonUponThames - YouTube

Jul 21, 2023

This episode first aired on 29th March 2021

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Today’s episode is a fly-on-the-wall conversation with one of my closest friends, Paul Dermody. We focused initially on nutrition and diet and then went in a different direction about halfway through the episode. If you enjoyed any of our previous conversations with a similar show structure, then this is not to be missed.

Key Points

· Many of us have a tendency to overestimate our nutritional knowledge. Paul encourages us to reflect on why we think about food the way we do, especially if we’re stuck in our health and fitness goals. Cultivate self-awareness around where you’re taking in your information and humble yourself to embrace the possibility that there may be gaps in your knowledge—and that some of that “knowledge” may be outright wrong.

· Suffering comes from our belief that we can predict the behavior or thoughts of other people. It’s unproductive to rely only on the little voice inside your head, because more often than not, we tend to be our own worst critic and overrationalize situations when relying on our own assumptions. Don’t try to predict the intentions of other people. It’s almost always a fruitless endeavor.

· It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that this one achievement or one event or one purchase will make you happy. What usually happens is, once those goals are reached, whatever high you experience always turns out to be temporary, and you’re off chasing the next goal. True happiness is found in the moment and counting all the small blessings that we tend to take for granted, and not in simply pining for targets that we may or may never hit.

Jul 17, 2023

Becca is a hormone balance health coach who specializes in helping women permanently lose weight through different hormone balancing and nutritional strategies. 

Her 12 week REBALANCE is a program for women who want to use hormone balancing strategies for permanent weight loss. 

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Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show: 


  • The dieting and cortisol paradox
  • What to do if you are eating clean, feeling good and still not losing weight 
  • How to include more protein in your diet and why you shouldn’t be afraid of fat
  • Under rated tools for reducing cortisol 
  • Gut health, hormones and the link to weight loss 
  • Managing cravings, balancing hormones and not falling off track during your time of the month 
  • And much more 








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Jul 14, 2023

This episode first aired on 15th March 2021

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Orla O’ Flaherty is a herbalist, naturopath, and nutritionist who specialises in female health.

She’s also one of my closest friends, and we go deep on hormones (for women and men) in today’s podcast.

This one is worth saving for a couple of relistens as there are knowledge bombs left, right, and center in today’s episode.

Brought to you in partnership with Lets Get Checked. To get 30% OFF your first time order, enter the code KEANE30 at checkout.

Key Points

· Most people know that what we put into our system has a direct effect on our health. That said, the general public has accepted as healthy certain foods that actually have negative effects on your body. Oats are a great source of carbohydrates, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep; but at the same time oats are proinflammatory because they contain what are known as phytates. Then there is soy, which contains phytoestrogens that may adversely affect hormones. Unless your soy is organic, non-GMO, and fermented, Orla advises keeping it out of your diet.

· Before looking at how to boost your sex drive, the first thing to ask yourself is why your sex drive is low in the first place. For women, predominantly, there is an issue with their estrogen and testosterone—their estrogen levels may not be rising optimally, and their testosterone isn’t being activated. Women on the pill will automatically have a lower sex drive. For men, especially those over 45, low sex drive is usually due to low testosterone levels. Men under 45 with low sex drive, on the other hand, may be experiencing psychological issues.

· Stress is not only one of the biggest culprits when it comes to fertility issues, but it makes the sex act itself robotic. “My first thing is to get women to stop trying,” says Orla. In addition, beware “The Two-Week Wait” following ovulation when a woman

waits to see whether they are pregnant. Those two weeks may turn into two months or two years, which only serves to compound their stress levels.

Jul 10, 2023

Here’s another one of my few ‘press record and talk’ solo episodes. I hope it helps loads. 


Habit 1: Pursue a passion 03:03

Habit 2: Back yourself more 10:02

Habit 3: Think about your past, current and future self 17:18

Habit 4: Digital detoxes – vertical expansion of our reference group 25:48

Habit 5: Learning to let go 31:41

Habit 6: Manage your fear and commit to goals  40:51

Habit 7: Surround yourself with the right people 48:30

Habit 8: How to actually live without regrets 54:06


Quick links to all my programs, courses and books


Gofundme page for Cancer Research:

Jul 7, 2023

This episode first aired on 1st March 2021

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Tim Spector is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London.

He has won several academic awards and published over 700 academic papers, a large proportion of which relate directly to nutrition and the causes of obesity. Since 2011 he has been leading the largest microbiome project in the UK, using genetic sequencing to study the bacteria in the guts of 5,000 twins. He is the lead investigator for BRITISH GUT, the UK’s largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of the human gut.

He is a prolific writer with several popular science and diet books, the most recent of which will be the focus of today’s conversation. That book is called Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told about Food is Wrong.

If you’ve never questioned the conventional “wisdom” when it comes to the food choices you make, or you just geek out on nutrition and anything to do with the gut (like me), then this is a must-listen.

Key Points

Personalized nutrition is the way to go. As Tim explains, mainstream consensus on proper caloric intake, macro ratio, and the like are basing numbers off of a mythical ideal human being. Women needing 2000 calories per day and men needing 2500 per day is based on very crude averages that ignore all the latest science about how our body uses different foods differently even if they have the same calories.

If you want to improve your gut health, the main focus should be on increasing the diversity of species. There is no one probiotic that will optimize gut health. You need more strains to produce a wider range of chemicals. People who, every week, avoid ultra-processed foods and eat 30 different types of plants, nuts, seeds, and herbs that are high in polyphenols have the most diversity in their microbiome. They also don’t snack to rest their microbes.

We’re all unique in how we process different kinds of foods. There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition plan. You need to experiment with different foods and portion sizes to see what your body and brain best respond to. All the while, always look after your gut microbes. Gut health is

an incredibly underrated factor in human wellness. If you make it a point to maintain a diverse microbiome, your overall health will skyrocket.

Jul 4, 2023

I don't post much about business on this podcast; but I'm pretty excited about the new consultancy business I'm growing.

Most of you will be familiar with my fitness company Brian Keane Fitness LLC which focuses on my fitness programs, podcasts and books; but I'm in the process of building out a new consultancy company for online coaches, fitness experts and personal trainers. 

For more information on any of the above, just email me

New business consultancy website coming soon.. 


Jul 3, 2023


Caroline also known as A County Down Under is a lifestyle and travel blogger. 

She is the host of the podcast of the same name and founder of Sunrise Social.

This episode is very applicable to anyone who struggles with social pressure or worrying too much about the opinions of others. It’s a bit more of a ‘fly on the wall conversation’ than a traditional structured interview; so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show. 


  • Her backstory and the creation of a county down under 
  • The social pressure around not being married and having kids in your 30’s
  • Giving up alcohol and casual drinking (and the extreme social pressure that can come with it. 
  • Why you need to do regular digital detoxes for your mental health. 
  • And much more. 








Jun 30, 2023
This episode first aired on 15th February 2021 
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Today’s podcast is a Solo Q+A answering questions sent in from the question box on my Instagram page.  
Key Points 
If you think about a pyramid of prioritization when it comes to weight loss, caloric intake is the bottom of the pyramid, because for 99% of people, the name of the game is calories in versus calories out. Building upon that is your macro split, which will determine how you feel and, to an extent, how you look. Broadly, carbohydrates give you energy, protein repairs your muscles if you’re working out, and fat balances your hormone levels. 
Tailor your caloric intake and macro split to your specific fitness goals, as well as to your particular lifestyle and to how your body and mind respond to different types of food. Just one example Brian gives is to avoid eating carbs at night if you’ve already hit your calorie limit for the day, but  you may do so if carbs happen to help you sleep better—just eat fewer calories 
the next day. High carb/low fat or low carb/high fat—pick the split that works for you. 
To avoid disordered eating behaviours, discover your unsupportive beliefs about food. For 
instance, there is no such thing as “good” and “bad” foods; just foods with different calorie and 
nutrient values that you eat according to your health and fitness goals. For folks in the U.K., it 
will also help to dispense with the common “clear your plate” maxim that most people are 
taught as a child. Unlearn whatever you need to, and take emotion out of eating.  
Jun 26, 2023

Maeve Madden is a model, actress, lifestyle and fitness blogger, personal trainer and qualified nutritionist.


She is also the founder of queen’s community where she has been educating women to help them improve their health, body confidence and find a new found love for fitness.


As with all our conversations, we went in a million different directions; but here are some of the main talking points from today’s podcast.



  • The queens don’t quit evolution 
  • Home workout misconceptions
  • Overcoming the fear of lifting weights 
  • Maeve’s current eating regimen and how cutting out a certain food has healed her gut
  • Nutrition advice for beginners and anyone who wants to eat better 
  • Going sober for 80 days and its effect on her sleep and skin
  • And more.  




Maeve’s Website:


Maeve’s Instagram:


Previous podcast episdoes: 



Podcast 269:

Queens Don’t Quit Instagram:

Jun 23, 2023

Here is today’s episode (raw and unedited) - The 2023 Gaelforce West Adventure Race recap.

This is for anyone looking to do the event itself or any similar adventure race in the future.

Podcast layout:

1: Breakdown of the race

Road running 13.5k
Kayak 2km  
Trail run 4k  
Cycle 30k  
Croagh Patrick hike/run up and down 
Cycle 13km 

2: My training in the lead up to Gael force

3: My nutrition in the lead up to it

4: RACE DAY: my nutrition, supplements and race day plan

5: What went well and what went poorly 

6: The main things I would do differently and advice on anyone looking to do the race or a similar adventure race in the future.

My next challenge is a 200km run up the Tian Shian mountain range beside China in July 2023.

Gofundme link for Cancer Research – Click Here

Jun 19, 2023

Jaymie is a weight loss expert and founder of Body Smart Fitness.

His expertise has garnered him a substantial following of over 1 million followers on Instagram, where he regularly imparts valuable insights and tips on weight loss and fitness strategies.

He and his team specialize in helping busy professional women get in the best shape of their life while still enjoying life. 

His goal is to help them feel more confident, empowered and energized through nutrition built around their lifestyle, training that is tailored to their goal and most importantly a winning mindset that will allow them to achieve the health, fitness and confidence they desire.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 


  • The importance of celebrating small wins
  • Biggest obstacles to weight loss
  • The diet and nutrition BS to avoid online
  • Going from hate to acceptance to love with your body 
  • Why the all or nothing mindset can work great in some areas of your life but terrible for your nutrition 
  • Fat loss supplements 
  • What you need to me mindful of with the body confidence movement






Jaymie Moran - Co-Founder - Body Smart Fitness | LinkedIn




Jaymie Moran - Women’s Weight Loss Expert (@bodysmartfitness) • Instagram photos and videos


Jaymie Moran - YouTube


Jaymie Moran (@Jaymiemoran17) / Twitter




Body Smart Podcast on Apple Podcasts


Blog - Bodysmart ( Adele 

Jun 16, 2023
This Episode first aired on 25th January 2021.  
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Chris is the host of the Modern Wisdom podcast, owns an events company in the UK and is a life coach who specialises in helping people to get more out of life. 
His platforms talk about how to live a good life, finding your purpose, maximising human 
performance, productivity, fitness and psychology. 
His passion lies in learning about himself and the world around him. Today’s episode was a very 
enjoyable conversation that focuses heavy on the mindset side of things. 
Key Points 
Finding your purpose, quite obviously, is not an overnight process. Many find it elusive and 
don’t even know where to start. Chris gives us the very first step in uncovering your purpose, 
and that’s by asking yourself: “Do I look forward to getting out of bed every morning?” If not, 
you’re probably heading in the wrong direction. Seek out other voices, whether in 
podcast/video form (i.e. Jordan Peterson) or face-to-face support. Once you can easily answer 
the question, “What do I want to want?” (writing down your ideal life is an excellent practice), 
you’re on your way. 
When it comes to choosing your circle of friends, given the choice between honesty and 
acceptability, you need to choose honesty. As social creatures, we naturally desire to be 
accepted in our group, even if we have to put on a persona—or at least restrict what we say or 
who we are—just to maintain our place in the circle. As quickly as possible, find a way to cut out 
those “friends” that make your life actively worse and find new ones with whom you can truly 
be yourself so that you get empowered to become the person you really desire to be. 
Don’t focus solely on the goals you want to achieve because most people will burn out or lose 
interest along the way, especially if it’s a long-term goal. Instead, set a goal and define it well, 
then immediately put your energy into the day-to-day, week-to-week process that will get you 
to that goal. “Your outcomes in life,” says Chris, “are a lagging measure of your daily habits.” 
This applies to every aspect of life, from fitness to finances to education. Detach your sense of 
being from the achievement of the goal and find fulfilment in the journey. 
Jun 12, 2023

Adrian is a highly established Online Transformation Coach.

I’m currently working with Adrian in my business mentorship program; so if you’re struggling with that ‘skinny fat’ look - check out his online coaching below.

Previously a primary school teacher for over four years, Adrian decided to follow his passion and pursue a career in fitness when he started seeing first-hand the results he could achieve with himself before helping his clients do the same.

Training has turned Adrian’s life around from the inside out and this passion inspired him to help others transform their bodies, improve their performance and feel more confident about themselves through the McLifestyle Coaching Method.

He specializes in helping clients lose belly fat, stubborn body fat and transforming anyone that is skinny fat. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’ show: 


  • Working out vs training and how there is a BIG difference
  • How to eat and train if you are skinny fat
  • What you need to know about stubborn body fat
  • Book recommendations 
  • Your in-built self-sabotage thermometer 
  • And much more. 




About - McLifestyle Fitness | Online Fitness Coach | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coaching | Tuam, Co.Galway


McLifestyle Fitness | Facebook


(1)   McLifestyle Fitness - YouTube


Adrian McDonnell - Online Fitness Coach & PT (@mclifestylefitness) • Instagram photos and videos


Jun 5, 2023

Kris is an athlete known for being an expedition leader, ultra-runner, and storyteller. 

He is associated with organizations such as Beyond the Ultimate and the Spine Race. 

Beyond the Ultimate is a company that organizes extreme ultra-marathons in various locations around the world. Locations that include the Amazon jungle, the arctic (the 230km race I completed in 2019), the desert and their new race in the mountain in Kyrgyzstan (which I’ll be doing in July of this year) 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 


  • The growth of adventure races vs standard marathons and ultra-marathons 
  • The conception of BTU and designing races in some of the worlds coolest places 
  • The biggest mistakes people make on multi day stage races
  • Dealing with pre-race anxiety 
  • The skills ultras teach you about managing life
  • How much of ultras, stage races and adventure races are physical vs mental 
  • And much more 



Discount code:KEANE300 for podcast listeners. 

£300 off any BTU Global Race Series entry. 

Did you enjoy this episode? Then definitely check out these two episodes next.



Kris King (@kris_kingy) • Instagram photos and videos


Beyond the Ultimate Race Series | Facebook


Home - Beyond the Ultimate


(2) Beyond The Ultimate - YouTube


Beyond the Ultimate (@UltimateUpdates) / Twitter


Kris King - Owner & Expedition leader - Beyond The Ultimate Ltd | LinkedIn

Jun 2, 2023

This has been coming into my space a lot recently, and its outside the scope of this podcast; so instead I have a created a short cheat sheet (a free guide) for anyone who is working as a teacher but wants to pursue their passion into fitness. 

It's just some lessons I learnt along the way that should be helpful.

There is no course or program or anything off the back of this, I just wanted to create a short resource that might help. 

Feel free to pass it onto any family members or friends who might find it useful. 

Click Here to download The Teacher To Trainer Cheat Sheet 

May 29, 2023

Brad competed for nine years on the professional triathlon circuit, where he won 31 global events, was a two-time US national champion, and reached a #3 world ranking. 

He continues to pursue competitive goals as a professional Speedgolfer and elite masters track & field high jumper. 

Brad promotes the importance of pursuing peak performance with passion throughout life, but releasing the attachment of self-esteem to the outcome —a philosophy conveyed by the title of his podcast, B.rad! 

He is known for his carefree communication style, lively sense of humour, and the ability to distil advanced diet and athletic training insights into simple, actionable principles to help the busy health enthusiast get healthy, happy, and fit for life.

Brad has written 20 books on diet, health, peak performance and ancestral living, and is a popular speaker, retreat host, and video course instructor. In 2017, The Keto Reset Diet, co-authored with Mark Sisson, became a New York Times bestseller, and #1 ranked overall bestselling book on for two days.  

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 


  • The process of improvement for building confidence and why this is much better than external validation from others. 
  • Building a mindset that blocks you from the outside world
  • Triggering the stress response in a positive way  
  • Fasting, keto and when or how to use it for performance 
  • The problem with processed foods and why you should minimize or avoid them. 
  • Cold exposure and why you should try it. 
  • And much more. 


Brad Kearns Podcast | Peak Performance | Elite Masters Athlete


Brad Kearns | Facebook


Brad Kearns (@bradkearns1) • Instagram photos and videos


Brad Kearns (@bradkearns) | TikTok


Brad Kearns (@bradleykearns) / Twitter


Brad Kearns - YouTube


Blog - Brad Kearns


Brad Kearns Podcast - Brad Kearns


Keto Reset Diet | 21-day Primal Reset | Carnivore Diet Books (


May 26, 2023
This episode first aired 28 December 2020  
14 Days Of Fat Loss Free Guide 
Today’s episode is a press-record-and-talk-solo mindset podcast. 
2020 has been a crazy year, but there are always nuggets of gold to be found even in the 
unlikeliest of places. Today’s podcast is a reflection on some of the biggest moments that 
changed my life (for the better) and how to keep your eyes open for the opportunities that are 
bound to present themselves as this year draws to a close. 
Brain tattoo for 2021 
“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things an opportunity to catch up.” 
Here are six moments that changed my life forever 
 My first day of teaching and realising my ladder was against the wrong wall  The first fitness model show and the confidence it gave me—I finally set a goal and didn’t let fear stop me from doing it. 
 Who will cry when you die—the boat experience from the Breakthrough retreat 
 My daughter being born—my priority shift and getting clearer on what is really 
important to me 
 The Sahara and the questioning of my own self-limiting beliefs 
The Arctic and my association with pain: How to become the oak tree in the storm and the strongest person at your parents or loved ones' funeral 
Key Points 
Get clear on the goal you’re shooting for and keep making sure along the way that it’s 
truly the goal you want. Unfortunately, even the keenest of us only realize much later on 
that the relationship we’re in is toxic, or that the career ladder we’re on is leaning 
against the wrong wall. From fear disguised as practicality to worrying about what others 
think about us, there are a myriad of reasons why we fail to see that we’re walking down 
the wrong path. The first step is to detach yourself emotionally from the situation you’re 
in, then shuttle that emotional energy into the alternative that is more in line with what 
you desire. Then, it’s all about taking small action steps to get there. It takes a ton of 
discipline and patience, but  you’ll find a way if it's your goal. 
When feeling fearful about anything, anchor a time in the past where you also felt fear 
yet did whatever you were supposed to do anyway (even better if it was a similar type of fear to the one you’re feeling now). Set small goals for yourself that you can visualize as adding legs to a table. Just like working out, this “progressive overload” approach builds up your pain tolerance for the activity you’re doing. To use the old cliché, if you’re frozen in fear at the prospect of eating that giant elephant, go for one small bite at a time. 
You’ll be shocked down the road at how much you’ve already conquered. 
Success is rarely a consistent upward slope. If you find yourself falling backwards after making some progress, don’t despair. We all go through it. Simply take the rut you found 
yourself in as an opportunity to troubleshoot what has been exposed as a weakness. 
This is the key: to realize that, as human beings, we need constant moments of recalibration as we grow. As long as you catch yourself falling behind and course correct going forward,
you’re on the right track. 
Be an oak tree in the storm and just move forward with clarity and purpose. 
May 22, 2023

Marcus is an extreme athlete and coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. 


As a show fan favourite, lolong-termisteners will be familiar with him from episodes 141 Find Your Everest and Showing No Weakness with Marcus Smith, Episode 207 Marcus Smith - The Intensive Care Unit To Running 30 Marathons In 30 Consecutive Days (which is still one of my all-time personal favourites) and most recently episode 253 on Making Yourself Mentally Tougher and Building The Ultra-mindset.


He is also the founder of Inner Fight in Dubai and the host of the great podcast by the same name. 


EXPLICIT WARNING: This episode has more swearing than usual.  


Here are some of the things we spoke about in today’s episode. 


  • Getting personal growth through getting out of your comfort zone and seeking out adventure 
  • Races vs your own challenges (for any endurance enthusiasts) 
  • Using ultras, endurance and difficult challenges as a vehicle for self-discovery
  • Getting to the root of real pain point so you can stay motivated towards your goals
  • Why Marcus thinks people need to seek out challenges
  • Dealing with pain management and how the body keeps the score 
  • The RAKMAN and how Covid planting the extreme ironman seed
  • The role gratitude plays in endurance challenges 
  • And much more. 



Previous podcast appearances: 

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Marcus’s Instagram:


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May 19, 2023
This episode first aired 21 December 2020  
14 Days Of Fat Loss Free Guide 
Today’s solo podcast is a training deep dive. 
It goes through everything you need to know when it comes to training, cardio and creating your own workout program. 
If you struggle with the training side of weight or fat loss and body composition, then this episode is not to be missed. 
This is a companion piece to podcast 291 Nutrition Deep Dive. Together they will give you everything you need to create your own diet and training program based on your goals. 
Episode Outline 
Getting clear on the goal and different training styles that complement them 
Training for body composition–what I do in BKF online program: hypertrophy, Circuits, 
HIIT or finishers 
 Push, pull, legs vs full body vs upper lower training splits. The pros and cons of each 
 NEAT and why you don’t need exercise to lose weight 
 HIIT or LISS cardio pros and cons 
 The benefits of a gym and getting over gym anxiety (what to do, what I advise and what 
I do in programs) 
 Experimenting with various training styles to see what you enjoy the most 
 How to design your own training programs–exercise choice, reps, sets, rest, tempo 
 Following an influencer program vs creating your own vs working with a coach 
Key Points 
When it comes to your training, very similar to nutrition, you can’t hit a target you can’t 
see; so get clear on the goal from the front-end, and then you can apply the different 
training styles on the back-end. In a way, making sure you hit a particular fitness goal 
requires you to work backwards to make the process easier to swallow. You’re essentially 
building a structure from the ground-up, the foundation of that structure being your 
end-goal. The amount and type of cardio, weight training, and other routines you need 
to incorporate depend upon having the correct foundation and knowing how to build 
upon it. 
There is no “best” training or nutrition program out there. The right workout and diet 
plan for you depend entirely on your preferences, lifestyle, and specific goals. It begins 
with getting clear on the nutritional plan that is sustainable for you. From there, you 
create a training regimen around it that accomplishes the fitness goal you’re after while 
being conducive to the type of exercises that your body responds best to, your schedule, 
and other lifestyle considerations. 
Perhaps just as important as finding the right style of training that works for you, is 
sticking with training that you enjoy. Sometimes it comes at the expense of certain goals. 
For example, Brian loves weight training even if it’s counterproductive to performing at 
his best as an endurance athlete. But he enjoys it, so he’s willing to sacrifice his goal of being the best runner.
There is no right or wrong choice.
The only question is: 
Which goal do you want bad enough? 
May 15, 2023

Shona is a personal trainer and yoga teacher with over 420k followers on Instagram and one of the most popular yoga channels in the UK on YouTube. 

Shona's method, developed during her decade of teaching, combines weighted resistance training and cardio with her life-long passions - yoga and meditation – placing just as much importance on rest and recovery as hours in the gym in the pursuit of fitness.

We got through so much in this episode and it's definitely one I will be going back over; so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show: 


  • What got her into health and fitness whilst growing up in Australia
  • How she moved from a 1:1 training into social media and the UK culture and weather shock
  • Why your body is a temple, not a gym and the importance of using fitness to enhance your experience of life, not dominate it. 
  • How over-identifying with your body can lead you down a path of unhappiness that will catch up with you when you’re injured, aged, or ill.
  • The reason fitness should never come at the cost of health. 
  • How fitness is a celebration of what your body can do and an opportunity to push it into adaptation, another amazing feature of this human life. It’s not about repenting for perceived dietary or lifestyle sins.
  • Using science to guide but not override what you’re feeling.
  • Let the magic ten guide your next steps. 
  • And much more.. 





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The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days: Vertue, Shona: 9781473653344: Books

May 12, 2023
This episode first aired 30 November 2020  
14 Days Of Fat Loss Free Guide 
In this episode, Brian speaks with Mabel Katz, a speaker, author, and seminar leader who is internationally acclaimed and recognized as the main authority on Ho’oponopono, an ancient 
Hawaiian art to obtain greater clarity in order to better achieve objectives to live and work effectively. 
Mabel is the world’s number one Hispanic speaker, with over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 783,000 followers on Facebook, and more than 122,000 followers on Instagram. 
Her ability to radically change people’s lives through her system of getting them back to Zero Frequency has garnered this global adulation. 
Zero Frequency is the state of erasing all of the self-sabotaging beliefs, memories, negative thoughts, worries and dissonant emotions that interfere with living from the state of complete presence, total inspiration and peace. 
Mabel has brought her formula to the world in her new book Zero Frequency®, The Easiest Way 
to Peace, Happiness and Abundance which we dive into during today’s podcast. 
Listen is as Mabel discusses how to overcome fear and do it anyway, the link between 
expectations and unhappiness, why accepting yourself is the key to disconnecting with the 
opinions of others, why you need to forgive others if you want to find true peace, why thinking 
is an addiction and the power of being present, and getting yourself back to the baseline of zero 
Episode outline 
 Mabel’s background and what brought her down her current path 
What is “zero frequency”? 
Why we all have that voice in our heads that tells us we’re not good enough 
 Fighting past fear to do it anyway 
 Bringing our subconscious programming to the forefront 
 Letting go of expectations 
 Changing the trajectory of your life today by accepting yourself and listening to your 
 The most common way people self-sabotage 
 Why we struggle to forgive 
 Freeing ourselves from the comparison trap 
 Practicing abundance 
Key points 
The idea behind zero frequency is to avoid reacting to whatever challenges life throws at 
you. You will always have problems. That is what life is all about. We are here to learn 
and become better people. The problem is not the problem itself, but your reaction to 
the problem. As human beings, it is okay to be bothered, but by going right back to the 
baseline of zero frequency right away, we can nip negativity in the bud. With zero 
frequency, we can examine any event objectively through a neutral lens that allows us to 
shed any semblance of victim mentality and proceed in a proactive manner. 
Zero frequency is about living a more conscious life and understanding what is in the 
moment, right now. Whenever you experience fear, realize that these emotions are 
being triggered by past events that may or may not have anything to do with what is 
happening right now. However you decide to act, the very first thing to do is to not allow 
your subconscious to dictate your next step for you, and take back control. 
The only place you can find true freedom, happiness, and peace is within yourself. Do 
not depend on anything or anybody else to be happy. By being at peace with yourself, 
you become a magnet for those opportunities that are perfect for you. We have the 
power within ourselves to manifest whatever is truly important to us, so we do ourselves 
a disservice to look for that power in other things or other people. Make the decision 
today to accept yourself, no matter your perception of your present circumstances. Your 
life will instantly transform for the better. 
May 8, 2023

Evan Regan is a highly accomplished registered nutritionist and personal trainer with extensive experience working with high-performance athletes across multiple sporting disciplines, including rugby, Gaelic football, mixed martial arts (UFC), boxing, basketball (NBA), Australian football (AFL), American football (NFL), and soccer. 

As the Lead Academy Performance Nutritionist at Munster Rugby and Lead Performance Nutritionist & Dietician for Mayo GAA & Mayo LGFA, Evan has developed a reputation as a top-tier nutrition expert in the world of sports performance.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Evan offers a range of specialized nutrition packages that cater to the unique needs of athletes at all levels of competition. 

He also shares his expertise through his bestselling eBook, which offers practical guidance on topics such as optimal macronutrient intake, pre-and post-workout nutrition, and hydration strategies for athletes.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 


  • Optimizing pre and post-workout nutrition  
  • The role supplements play
  • A food first vs a food first but not food only approach 
  • The red, yellow, and green carb cycling method 
  • The diet danger zone after 8 pm
  • Sleep and underrated performance tools
  • Alcohol and the athlete (gym or sport) 




Evan Regan Nutrition (@evanregan_nutrition) | Instagram

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Nutritionist | Evan Regan Nutrition | Ireland

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May 5, 2023
This episode first aired on 09 November 2020  
14 Days Of Fat Loss Free Guide 
In this episode, Brian speaks with Isabella Robinson, a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), certified Intuitive eating counsellor and qualified Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CNHC) with a special interest in disordered eating, food anxieties, body image and nutrition for mental health. 
Listen as Isabella dives deep into managing disordered eating, the problem with diet culture, and handling food addiction.
Episode Outline 
 Isabella’s journey as a nutritionist 
A common misconception about sugar 
 Where misconceptions come from 
 Eliminating “diet mentality” 
 Helping a client who claims to have a certain food “addiction” (i.e. chocolate) 
 Isabella’s thoughts on intuitive eating and common myths around it 
 Confusing hunger with other emotions or physical sensations 
 Factors that lead to eating disorders 
 What Isabella is most excited about right now 
Beware of headlines. The food industry profits off of misinformation and misconceptions 
that many people today have around nutrition. It helps greatly to double-check certainly 
modern beliefs about food: Are all calories created equal? Is a potato  just 
sugar? If you have specific health or fitness goals, it’s best to consult with a nutritionist. 
Beware of diet mentality. A lot of people may not be on a labelled diet, but they do 
adopt the mindset of a dieter. It’s important to be aware of the psychology behind 
certain beliefs or punishments that rule your interactions with food. For instance, having 
“a little extra” because you ate a slice of cake and “ruined” the day is one of the biggest 
sabotagers in one’s path to living a consistently healthier lifestyle. Having “addictions” to 
certain foods like chocolate warrant a closer look as well: Perhaps you’re just placing 
chocolate on a pedestal because you’ve put it on the “forbidden list”? The common 
thread between all of these thoughts is a tendency to blame ourselves as helpless when 
it comes to eating healthier, which does nothing more than lead us down a vicious cycle 
of making the wrong choices and subsequently punishing ourselves for them. 
The key to intuitive eating is aiming toward authentic well-being. This holistic approach 
to food requires you to take what your body is communicating to you in real-time and 
blend that with objective, scientific principles on nutrition, instead of simply looking for 
a one-size-fits-all diet. 
May 1, 2023

This is part two of a two-part episode.  

DDP is a WWE Hall of Famer, 3X World Champion, Founder & CEO of DDPY, Actor, Author and Inspirational Speaker! 

The DDP story IS the heart of DDPY, a fitness program born out of necessity and reality. After years of wrestling injuries, including a broken back, DDP developed a real-life workout that completely gave him his life back. His thinking was that if it could work for him, why not share it with others who want to own their lives again too? 

Dallas has had some of the most inspirational transformations I have ever seen and is not just changing lives with his programs, he is also doing it with his online presence, his book Positively Unstoppable – The Art of Owning It and combinations of docu-series and films. 

In today’s show, we go into:


  • Blood flow restriction training
  • The difference between yoga and DDP yoga
  • How and why you need to build self-discipline 
  • Arthur Boorman's incredible transformation story
  • And more. 





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