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Dec 26, 2022

Dr. Prologo is a graduate of The Ohio State University School of Medicine.

He has spent the majority of his career researching new solutions for pain and weight loss.

He is most well-known for pioneering a procedure to block hunger, allowing people to reach a critical point beyond which dieting was no longer a struggle – work that allowed him to define the critically acclaimed “Catching Point” beyond which diet and exercise are easier for those trying to lose weight. 

The Catching Point itself, and the strategy to get there are outlined in his book: The Catching Point Transformation.

In today’s podcast, we unpack all things weight loss and dietary adherence. This is a nice back and forth conversation as opposed to a straight up interview so hopefully you enjoy it. 

  • Why ‘Mind Over Matter’ Is Bulls#$% for a weight loss goal 
  • Why dietary adherence is 95% of your weight loss progress
  • Understanding the hormones that make dietary adherence so much harder 
  • The metabolic reasons why hunger and low energy in a calorie restricted plan leads you to falling off track
  • How to boost your metabolism with exercise and why this can potentially increase cravings for healthier food
  • His unpopular opinion on using exercise BEFORE looking at nutrition (and the reasons why) 
  • Focusing on recovery with food vs calorie counting
  • How to stay on track during the days in between workouts (a diet danger zone for people) 


Website link:

Dec 20, 2022

I get asked this on social media all the time so here is my 10% off code for Hemp Heroes for anyone that wants it. 

Code: BRIANK10 

I also briefly talk about why and how I use it and if you should (or shouldn't) consider trying it. 

Feel free to save the code to use once or over and over again.

Dec 19, 2022

Kathryn aka edible_evidence on Instagram is a Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea (HA) and Fertility Dietitian. 


She specialises in helping active females with HA to regain their period and optimise fertility through balanced nutrition and movement. 


Today’s podcast is a little more niche than normal, but an absolute must listen for those who need it so please pass it along to anyone you think it may help. 


Here are some of the things we talk about in today’s podcast: 


  • What is HA
  • Causes, diagnoses and treatment 
  • Her personal story with HA and why she feels so passionate about helping active females with HA
  • The DO and DO NOT list for HA
  • Misconceptions around HA – pill bleeds and feeling you are fitter than you actually are etc
  • Anchoring your ‘Why’ and focusing on small wins as you make food or excericese changes 
  • The role supplements play (or don’t play)
  • And more. 





Dec 12, 2022

Aidan is a mindset coach, mentor and keynote speaker. 

His goal is to empower people to find their truth, master their emotions, develop new skills and transform into the most powerful version of you. 

Aidan first stepped on stage as a speaker in 2007 and has been speaking and mentoring ever since. For 15 years Aidan has travelled the world coaching individuals and live audiences on 5 continents inspiring over 250,000 people and counting.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 

  • How anyone can learn to build more confidence
  • Getting your sh*t together when you feel a bit stuck
  • The importance of keeping a small circle
  • Why self doubt ultimately leads to self sabotage 
  • The power of the words and mantra “I AM ENOUGH
  • How curiosity leads to clarity
  • Distraction mode and how to avoid it
  • And much more 




Dec 5, 2022

Dr Koz is a Functional Medicine M.D who uses a broad array of tools to find the source of the body's dysfunction: he takes the time to listen to his patients and plots their history on a timeline, considering what makes them unique and co-creating with them a truly individualized care plan. 

You may recognise his voice from a very popular episode I did last year, Episode: #352 on 25th October 2021: Dr Peter Kozlowski on Food Sensitivities, Fixing Leaky Gut and How To Do An Elimination Diet Correctly!

His expertise is in gut health, but he also works daily with food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, detoxing from toxic chemicals such as heavy metals and mould, and most importantly mental, emotional, and spiritual health. His new book Get The Func Out is available now. 


Normally I wouldn’t touch a topic like environmental toxins on the podcast as it’s an area I know very little about; but I think there is value here for those with underlying health issues that are struggling to ask the right questions for solutions. 


I also moved out of my house off the back of this podcast to address a mould issue; so, I found great personal benefit in this episode. 


Here are some of the things we talked about: 

  • Why estrogen dominance in women and low testosterone in men is so prevalent at the moment 
  • How to do a mould or heavy metal detox the safe way 
  • His supplemental and nutrition strategy for never getting colds or flus
  • The power of glutathione as the master antioxidant 
  • And more 





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Nov 28, 2022

Dr Richie Kirwan is a postdoctoral researcher in clinical nutrition and online coach. 

His Instagram page @dr.richie.kirwan is a mixture of nutrition, science and food porn. 

He is also the host of The Health Scientist podcast and has multiple videos linked on his site from menopause, diet and lifestyle support to PCOS, evidence-based advice and why losing weight is so hard? 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 

·      Every food decision you make has a consequence (good, bad or indifferent)  

·      Why losing weight is so hard and what really stops people from achieving their goal

·      Science doesn’t care about your opinion and learning where to get your nutritional information from

·      Artificial sweeteners  - everything you need to know 

·      Social media diet misconceptions to avoid 

·      Trigger foods, hunger and building systems to stay on plan

·      Starvation mode – facts vs fiction 







Nov 25, 2022

This is my appearance on The ScaleX™ Insider Podcast with Brendan McGurgan

This was a very enjoyable conversation with a wonderful interviewer; so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

In it we talk about the mindset approach I took when leaving teaching to building and growing a fitness business, the importance of accountability and how you can cut your learning curve by learning from others.

Subscribe or follow Scale X Insider Podcast here:


From Scale X Insider Podcast:

The Importance of knowing where you want to go but ensuring that it aligns with your values. Knowing when you should quit How fear shows up and some great questions we should ask ourselves to overcome it The importance of not trading your time for money but using leverage to scale Getting the balance right using Brian’s four quadrants for a full life Great advice to maintain a healthy life where Brian shares his morning and evening routines Legacy and having a conversation with you 97-year old self.

“Don’t forget the flowers at your feet when you are reaching for the moon.”



Nov 21, 2022

Cyrus and Robby are the co-authors of the New York Times bestselling book Mastering Diabetes The Revolutionary Method to Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Prediabetes, and Gestational Diabetes.

They are also the team behind, an online coaching platform for people living with all forms of diabetes that focuses on low-fat plant-based whole-food nutrition. 

Cyrus has a PhD in nutritional biochemistry from UC Berkeley and has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. 

Robby has a master's degree in public health and has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2000.

Current medical wisdom advises that anyone suffering from diabetes or prediabetes should eat a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. But in this paradigm shifting book, they go through a century of research to reveal how that advice is misguided. 

If you fall anywhere on the diabetes spectrum, this is a must listen. 

Here are some of the things we talked about:

·      The different types of diabetes and prediabetes

·      How the conventional wisdom of a low carb, high fat diet is misguided 

·      Why food is medicine and what they recommend for reversing insulin resistance.

·      How their personal experience with diabetes inspired their lifestyle choices.

·      The green, yellow and red food choice list for reversing insulin resistance 








Nov 18, 2022
This episode first aired 13 July 2020  
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Since I released my second book Rewire Your Mindset at Christmas, I’ve been reflecting and thinking about some of the main ways I rewired my mindset over the past few years. 
Today’s podcast is a  ‘press record and talk’ solo episode so I hope you enjoy it. 
 Separating real problems vs perceived problems.  08:59 
Understanding the difference between positive feedback from 
negative criticism and knowing who to listen to and who to ignore.  27:31 
Accepting short term anxiety is a normal human emotion to feel.. but chronic anxiety is not!  44:32 
Learn to let go of things I can’t control.  50:54
Understand the power of people’s projection and their negativity is a reflection of them (not me).  01:00:04 
Finally knowing that the figurative goal posts (of any target or goal) always move so you need to be aware of that or change the frigging game!  01:09:57 
Nov 14, 2022

Robert Sikes aka Keto Savage is a natural pro ketogenic bodybuilder and CEO of keto brick and live savage apparel. 

His goal is to help educate and motivate every athlete who aspires to become their greatest self and he is also the host of the great podcast The Keto Savage podcast 

Today’s podcast is a Keto deep dive. This is an absolutely must listen if you are interested in learning more or potentially experiment with a ketogenic diet. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast:

·      How carb back loading lead him to accidently falling into a keto diet

·      How keto gave him food freedom and healed his disordered eating relationship patterns

·      Who keto is for and who it is NOT for

·      How long to give yourself to see the benefits of switching to a ketogenic state

·      How training intensity is impacted on keto

·      Dietary ketosis vs fasting ketosis 

·      Foods to include

·      How to accurately track if you are in ketosis or not

·      Exogenous ketones and what you need to know 


·      Website:

·      Instagram:



Nov 11, 2022
This episode first aired 22 June 2020  
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Rosie Millen is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, after studying at 
the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition. 
She was diagnosed with severe burnout back in 2014 and made a lot of difficult changes in her life to bounce back and recover fully. 
Rosie was bed bound for three years straight and has since gone on to achieve an incredible journey that has seen her coach thousands of women to increase their energy and continues to go from strength to strength. 
She has helped multiple companies give their employees more 
energy and written hundreds of blog posts on how to recover from burnout, as well as writing her first book “Burnout’s a B*itch – the antidote to the overworked world we live in”. 
Here are some of things we talked about in today’s episode: 
·      Early warning signs to watch out for with burnout. 
·      How to eat and what food to minimise/avoid if you’re feeling 
burned out 
·      Tips for reducing caffeine and stimulants (without feeling the 
negative detox effects) 
·      What balancing hormones actually means and the 
misconceptions around stress 
·      How to maximise your sleep (supplements, routine and what to avoid before bed) 
·      Plus more… 
Nov 7, 2022

Dr Tracy is a clinical psychologist, couples therapist, relationship expert, author, speaker, podcaster and mom of two. 

She specializes in helping women and mothers build healthy relationships and learn to be their best selves by helping them to let go of guilt, communicate their needs, and set boundaries in their life.

Through THERAPY, WORKSHOPS, and ONLINE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, Dr Tracy helps you identify what you feel and need, how to show up and be present in your life, and give yourself permission.

This was one of my favorite podcasts this year and I apologies if it felt like a mini therapy session; but I was hooked in this conversation from start to finish. I hope you get as much from it as I did. 

Some of the things we talked about: 

  • Unlearning relationship patterns so you don’t act on automatic in a new or current relationship 
  • The link between our childhood, past relationship and how we can bring that baggage into our current romantic relationship if we are not careful
  • Attachment style – anxious, avoidant and insecure and how they get triggered when we are stressed
  • The importance of boundaries 
  • Understanding triggers 
  • Dealing with jealously 
  • And much more 




Nov 4, 2022
This episode first aired 15 June 2020  
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Johann is the author of the New York Times best selling book. ‘LOST 
CONNECTIONS: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the 
Unexpected Solutions.’ 
Johann’s ground breaking book talks about disconnection and the 
nine cause of depression and anxiety.  
1.     Disconnection from meaningful work 
2.     Disconnection from other people 
3.     Disconnection from meaningful values 
4.     Disconnection from childhood trauma 
5.     Disconnection from status and respect 
6.     Disconnection from the natural world 
7.     Disconnection from a. hopeful or secure future 
Cause 8 and 9: the real role of genes and brain changes 
This was possibly one of my favorite podcast of all time and it goes 
slightly longer than normal (90 minutes) but you’ll see exactly why as 
we start to dig into one of the most prevalent topics when it comes 
to mental health in 2020. 
Here are some of the things we talked about: 
·      Why junk values are the happiness equivalent of junk food 
·      How the opposite of addiction is connection 
·      Why porn is to sex what social media is to real person interaction 
and conversations. 
·      Why the mistaken belief of making yourself externally perfect is 
making you miserable. 
·      And so much more. 


Oct 31, 2022

Daniel Davey is a performance nutritionist and author of the No1 best seller “Eat Up and Raise Your Game’

He received his BSc in Science from University College Dublin and holds an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol.

His best-selling book and Instagram page is based around simple recipes and meal plans and his new book Eat Up – The Next Level is also available now. 

Daniel was on episode 292 in August 2020: Daniel Davey on Owning Your Nutrition, The Importance of Dietary Goals and Exploring Your Behaviour Around Food. I highly recommend listening to if you haven’t already. 


The second podcast was a long time coming with one of my personal favourites. Enjoy.  


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 


  • Simplifying nutrition with whole real food 
  • Recipe solutions for meals through the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas)
  • Building confidence around food choices 
  • Healing your food relationship and surviving social exceptions with eating out 
  • Lessons he learnt from the top pro athletes when it comes to nutrition and what can be taken for the average person 
  • Nutrition around injury and the cutting edge science with it. 
  • And much more 





Previous episode:



Oct 28, 2022
This episode first aired 25 May 2020  
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Rebeccah O Rourke is an online nutrition and training coach and the 
owner of Team ROR.  
 Her message is about empowering women through making yourself 
a priority.  
Her Instagram page @Rebeccaorourke is full of amazing videos on 
training, nutrition, and challenges that you can add to your own 
workouts including live workouts during COVID-19.  
You may remember her voice from #216: Rebeccah O Rourke on 
Crossfit, Diet and Handling Negative People! Recorded on March 25th 
2019 and today’s episode is a long overdue catch up.  
 Here are some of things we talked about today.  
    Using COVID-19 to get fitter than ever before! 
    How to use food for fuel which makes fat loss inevitable 
    Identifying trigger foods for bloating 
    Active stress management vs passive stress management to keep 
your cortisol levels low.   
    The importance of nutrition vs exercise  
    How to find exercise that you enjoy 
           And much more. 
Oct 24, 2022

There are books out there and experts who are much better qualified to speak on this topic; but understanding these all helped me so much over the years, so I wanted to share them in today’s podcast.


Hopefully it helps.



1. Projection and handling my own insecurities 01:32

2. Opportunity cost and spending time doing the wrong thing or with the wrong people 13:05

3. Sunk cost fallacy and continuing to do something even though you know your ladder is against the wrong wall 17:59

4. Confirmation bias and problem with being in an Eco chamber with emotional vampires 22:50

5. Forward projection and future self-techniques 29:01

6. Pre Mortens or unpacking the worst case scenario 34:11

7. Hindsight bias and why people will have an opinion on whatever you decide to do (so you may as well do the things you want) 42:15

8. Negativity bias and why negative comments take up so much mental real estate 46:40

9. Action bias and shiny objects syndrome 50:46

10. The “I’ll be happy when fallacy” 56:14

11. Attachment styles - anxious, avoidant and secure 59:05


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Rewire Your Mindset Course:

Oct 21, 2022

This episode first aired 11 May 2020
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David Young is a personal trainer and fitness coach who helps
frustrated men and women not only achieve their dream body but also keep it through building an unstoppable mindset.

His message is about empowering people who are fed up of yo-yo dieting to overcome the fear of failure by transforming their body and mind.

David and I have been friends for years; he is one of the best
personal trainers I know and this podcast is crammed full of golden nuggets.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast.

· Why dieting is not sustainable

· The reason extreme diets don’t work for non-extreme goals

· Calorie tracking 101

· Setting the right fitness expectations before you start a weight

· The best mindset to have when it comes to training and your
overall fitness

And much more

Oct 17, 2022

Registered Dietitian Carolyn Williams, PhD is a leading culinary nutrition expert. 

She was the winner of the 2017 James Beard Journalism Award and has developed a knack for breaking down complex science into quick, reader-friendly tips. 

She’s the author of two cookbooks, Meals That Heal: 100+ Everyday Anti-Inflammatory Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less  and Her new book, MEALS THAT HEAL ONE POT: 100+ Recipes for Your Stovetop, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, and Air Fryer – Reduce Inflammation for Whole-Body Health.

She also co-hosts the happy eating podcast and is a sought-after speaker on anti-inflammatory eating and managing chronic inflammation through lifestyle. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 


·      What exactly is low grade chronic inflammation 

·      The symptoms to watch out for (yellow and red flags) 

·      What foods to include and what foods to avoid for an anti inflammatory diet

·      How inflammations affects fat loss 

·      The main lifestyle irritants for inflammations 

·      The connection between all your hormones 

·      Food intolerances and the link with chronic inflammation 

·      Stress management tools that can help




Oct 14, 2022
This episode first aired 04 May 2020  
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Niamh De Brun is a fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle blogger.  
Originally from Limerick, she now lives in Kilkenny with her Fiancé TJ. 
It today’s podcast, we talk everything from her biggest nutritional 
mistakes when she started her journey first to her fear of weights 
making her bulky and the transition from ‘cardio bunny’ to high-
intensity workouts with weights.  
Here are some of the other things we talked about in today’s 
    Why counting calories is the bedrock of any diet. 
    How’s she’s preparing for her upcoming wedding. 
    Her favourite fitness, nutrition and mindset books. 
    How she met her fiancé TJ.  
And much more. 
Oct 10, 2022

Sean is an online fitness coach. 


He has over 300k followers on Instagram and over 2.2 million followers on TikTok and he uses his platforms to give people simple recipes and fitness tips. 


He is also the head coach of The Sean Casey Academy and owner of SC Social Circle which is a social media growth course that helps you turn your passion into a full-time income.


In part 1, we focused on all thing’s fat loss, nutrition and dietary misconceptions. In part 2, we mix it up by going into all things social media and turning your passion into full time income. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in part 2: 

·      How he used social media to start and build four businesses 

·      How to grow your social media channels the right way

·      How to turn followers into a viable business

·      How to get started and go from 0-1

·      The biggest mistake people make with social media 

·      Whether you should start a business and then do social media or the other way around 

·      Finding your motivation to creating content

·      And more.  


·      Instagram:

·      Social Circle:

·      Links:

·      Social Circle:

Oct 3, 2022

Sean Casey is an online fitness coach. 


He has over 300k followers on Instagram and over 2.2 million followers on TikTok and he uses his platforms to give people simple recipes and fitness tips. 


He is also the head coach of The Sean Casey Academy and owner of SC Social Circle which is a social media growth course that helps you turn your passion into a full-time income.


I’ve been following Sean since the early days and love his no bullsh*t approach to health and fitness. We go through so much in this podcast that we had to break it into two parts so stay tuned for part 2 coming next week. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in part 1:


  •     The difference between losing fat and burning fat 
  •     How to lose belly fat 
  •     The worst advice he sees on the internet, social media and in diet books 
  •     Training for fat loss
  •     The reason people struggle so much with weight loss
  •     And more. 




Social Circle:


Social Circle:



Sep 26, 2022

Ethan is a Hollywood actor and the host of American Glutton podcast.


Ethan has established himself over the past few decades as an actor of considerable talent and accomplishment. His diverse and eclectic resume ranges from hilarious roles in such comedies as Mallrats (1995) and My Name Is Earl (2005) to hauntingly dramatic performances in intense features such as American History X (1998), Blow (2001), Cold Mountain (2003), The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) and Deepwater Horizon (2016). 

His breakthrough performance as a young football player in Disney's Remember the Titans (2000) with Denzel Washington garnered him critical acclaim.

He also has one of the most incredible physical transformations I’ve ever seen going from 550 pounds to 255 pounds, all of which we unpacked in today’s podcast.  


As someone who is a big fan of Ethan’s work (on and off screen) - this was one of my most enjoyable podcast episodes I’ve recorded. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.  


Here are some of the things we talked about on today’s podcast. 

  •     Being forced to diet as a kid and how it affected his food relationship 
  •     Getting over the guilt and shame cycle that came with failing diets
  •     Removing your ‘failures’ from diet and not self-identifying with it
  •     How some of his movie and TV roles helps to temporarily alleviate some of his self-imposed weight loss pressure 
  •     The role physical activity played in his body transformation 
  •     And much more. 




Sep 23, 2022

This episode first aired 23 March 2020  

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Maeve is a Fitness and Commercial Model, Actress, Lifestyle blogger, Personal trainer, former professional Dancer and best selling author of the book ‘Beat Your Bloat’  


This is her second appearance on the podcast, we recorded episode 215: Maeve Madden on PCOS, IBS And Beating The Bloat last year so today’s episode was an awesome catch-up.  


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode: 

     Training misconceptions and genetics  

    Strategies for not pressing the f*ck it button on your diet at the weekend 

    Using fakeaway meals instead of takeaway meals  

    Gut health, IBS and PCOS 

    The Coronavirus and surviving a zombie apocalypse   

    Being catfished on dating profiles 





Sep 19, 2022

Nicknamed ‘the Sherlock Holmes of body pain diagnosis’ and ‘The A-Lister’s Osteopath’ - James is a world-renowned osteopath, performance coach and recovery specialist.

He has worked throughout the UK, USA, Europe and Jamaica with professional athletes ranging from Olympic champions, premiership footballers, NFL and rugby union players, as well as A-List clients from Music, Film and TV.

Clients include David Beckham, Joe Wicks, Kylie Minogue, Sir Lenny Henry and Phoebe Waller-Bridge amongst others. 

James developed the ethos of relieve, restore and perform based on his own personal experience as a young athlete. 

He aims to help everyone understand how their bodies work, causes of their pain, how to spot the warning signs the body gives us when our systems have been compromised, and learn strategies to reduce pain, improve flexibility, overcome weakness and to recover from injury.

His new book Body – simple techniques and strategies to heal, reset and restore is available now. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 

  •     Prevention or cure for injuries 
  •     His favorite stories from working with some of the world’s top athletes 
  •     How to avoid gym-based injuries 
  •     Cold and heat for recovery 
  •     Static vs dynamic stretching 
  •     How to heal a broken body with daily techniques 
  •     And more. 






Sep 16, 2022

This episode first aired 09 March 2020

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Laura Rhodes-Levin is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the Founder of The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety. 

Anxiety is a type of fear usually associated with the thought of a threat or something going wrong in the future, but can also arise from something happening right now.

Around 1 in 6 people in Ireland will experience a mental health problem like anxiety each year, which has steadily increased over the past 20 years,

In today's episode, we talk through everything mental health and anxiety. 

Here are some of the things we talked about. 

·      Anxiety treatments (traditional and non-traditional)

·      The power of being present and focusing on “I’m okay’ as your first line of defence. 

·      What happens if you don’t treat or learn to cope with your anxiety 

·      Books and resources for anxiety 

·      How to find the right therapist or person to talk to (if that’s what you decide to look for) 


“Never make permanent decisions

based on how you currently feel”

– Laura Rhodes-Levin



Podcast 172: Dealing With Mental Health (Solo Episode)


Podcast 119: Get Rid of Anxiety, Worry and Stress FOREVER!


Laura’s Clinic Website:

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