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Oct 3, 2022

Sean Casey is an online fitness coach. 


He has over 300k followers on Instagram and over 2.2 million followers on TikTok and he uses his platforms to give people simple recipes and fitness tips. 


He is also the head coach of The Sean Casey Academy and owner of SC Social Circle which is a social media growth course that helps you turn your passion into a full-time income.


I’ve been following Sean since the early days and love his no bullsh*t approach to health and fitness. We go through so much in this podcast that we had to break it into two parts so stay tuned for part 2 coming next week. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in part 1:


  •     The difference between losing fat and burning fat 
  •     How to lose belly fat 
  •     The worst advice he sees on the internet, social media and in diet books 
  •     Training for fat loss
  •     The reason people struggle so much with weight loss
  •     And more. 




Social Circle:


Social Circle:



Sep 26, 2022

Ethan is a Hollywood actor and the host of American Glutton podcast.


Ethan has established himself over the past few decades as an actor of considerable talent and accomplishment. His diverse and eclectic resume ranges from hilarious roles in such comedies as Mallrats (1995) and My Name Is Earl (2005) to hauntingly dramatic performances in intense features such as American History X (1998), Blow (2001), Cold Mountain (2003), The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) and Deepwater Horizon (2016). 

His breakthrough performance as a young football player in Disney's Remember the Titans (2000) with Denzel Washington garnered him critical acclaim.

He also has one of the most incredible physical transformations I’ve ever seen going from 550 pounds to 255 pounds, all of which we unpacked in today’s podcast.  


As someone who is a big fan of Ethan’s work (on and off screen) - this was one of my most enjoyable podcast episodes I’ve recorded. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.  


Here are some of the things we talked about on today’s podcast. 

  •     Being forced to diet as a kid and how it affected his food relationship 
  •     Getting over the guilt and shame cycle that came with failing diets
  •     Removing your ‘failures’ from diet and not self-identifying with it
  •     How some of his movie and TV roles helps to temporarily alleviate some of his self-imposed weight loss pressure 
  •     The role physical activity played in his body transformation 
  •     And much more. 




Sep 23, 2022

This episode first aired 23 March 2020  

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Maeve is a Fitness and Commercial Model, Actress, Lifestyle blogger, Personal trainer, former professional Dancer and best selling author of the book ‘Beat Your Bloat’  


This is her second appearance on the podcast, we recorded episode 215: Maeve Madden on PCOS, IBS And Beating The Bloat last year so today’s episode was an awesome catch-up.  


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode: 

     Training misconceptions and genetics  

    Strategies for not pressing the f*ck it button on your diet at the weekend 

    Using fakeaway meals instead of takeaway meals  

    Gut health, IBS and PCOS 

    The Coronavirus and surviving a zombie apocalypse   

    Being catfished on dating profiles 





Sep 19, 2022

Nicknamed ‘the Sherlock Holmes of body pain diagnosis’ and ‘The A-Lister’s Osteopath’ - James is a world-renowned osteopath, performance coach and recovery specialist.

He has worked throughout the UK, USA, Europe and Jamaica with professional athletes ranging from Olympic champions, premiership footballers, NFL and rugby union players, as well as A-List clients from Music, Film and TV.

Clients include David Beckham, Joe Wicks, Kylie Minogue, Sir Lenny Henry and Phoebe Waller-Bridge amongst others. 

James developed the ethos of relieve, restore and perform based on his own personal experience as a young athlete. 

He aims to help everyone understand how their bodies work, causes of their pain, how to spot the warning signs the body gives us when our systems have been compromised, and learn strategies to reduce pain, improve flexibility, overcome weakness and to recover from injury.

His new book Body – simple techniques and strategies to heal, reset and restore is available now. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 

  •     Prevention or cure for injuries 
  •     His favorite stories from working with some of the world’s top athletes 
  •     How to avoid gym-based injuries 
  •     Cold and heat for recovery 
  •     Static vs dynamic stretching 
  •     How to heal a broken body with daily techniques 
  •     And more. 






Sep 16, 2022

This episode first aired 09 March 2020

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Laura Rhodes-Levin is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the Founder of The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety. 

Anxiety is a type of fear usually associated with the thought of a threat or something going wrong in the future, but can also arise from something happening right now.

Around 1 in 6 people in Ireland will experience a mental health problem like anxiety each year, which has steadily increased over the past 20 years,

In today's episode, we talk through everything mental health and anxiety. 

Here are some of the things we talked about. 

·      Anxiety treatments (traditional and non-traditional)

·      The power of being present and focusing on “I’m okay’ as your first line of defence. 

·      What happens if you don’t treat or learn to cope with your anxiety 

·      Books and resources for anxiety 

·      How to find the right therapist or person to talk to (if that’s what you decide to look for) 


“Never make permanent decisions

based on how you currently feel”

– Laura Rhodes-Levin



Podcast 172: Dealing With Mental Health (Solo Episode)


Podcast 119: Get Rid of Anxiety, Worry and Stress FOREVER!


Laura’s Clinic Website:

Sep 12, 2022


Dr Lucy Burns is a GP and a lifestyle medicine physician. 

She runs a weight loss clinic called Epiphany Medical Weight Loss and co-hosts the Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast where you get real advice from real doctors and professionals to help you lose weight and revolutionize your health, not just now, but permanently. 

Lucy has muscular dystrophy which impairs her mobility. In her 20s she managed her weight with exercise. Alas, this is no longer possible and she became overweight/obese and was insulin resistant. Several years ago, she lost 20 kgs by adopting a low carb lifestyle and currently speaks at conferences for doctors on weight management, as well as events for the general public, and is now considered an expert in this field. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in todays episode: 


  •     The problem with exercise for weight management 
  •     How to make yourself more metabolic flexibility 
  •     Reversing insulin resistance 
  •     The reason low carbs work (and who it’s for) 
  •     The biggest misconceptions when switching to low carb
  •     How to minimize the negative effects and rubbish feeling that accompanies the transition
  •     And much more. 



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Sep 9, 2022
FROM THE VAULT: My First 100 Mile Ultra Marathon (Jackpot 100 In Las Vegas, Nevada)
This episode first aired 02 March 2020
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Today’s solo podcast goes through my most recent 100-mile race, The Jackpot 100 in Nevada.

The Jackpot 100 is a 2.5-mile loop repeated 40 times for a total of
100 miles.
It took me 26 hours and 31 minutes to complete.

In today’s podcast, I go through my training and diet over the past several months, the actual event itself and everything I learnt during and after the ultra marathon.

I also added in some questions sent in through Instagram to the end of the episode.

How much mental training did you do prior to the 100-mile run?

Did you wear headphones when running? 43:44

Did you run non stop to complete the 100 miles? 47:22

Have you fallen out of love with training now that you’ve hit your
goal and you’re exhausted? 48:24
Sep 5, 2022

Today’s podcast is a solo Q+A with Brian.  


  1.     How do I stop binge eating at night when I’m stressed? 02:41


  1.     High protein breakfast ideas? 13:38


  1.     How do you do self-care? 16:46


  1.     Is it possible to succeed at more than one goal at a time? Eg weight loss, job, studying, mindset etc 24:44


  1.     I have one hour free every day, do I go walking or do some form of resistance training, my goal is to maintain 33:09


  1.     What’s the optimal macro split and calorie surplus when training to build muscle? 37:16


  1.     Who is the best person to see to start a gut healing/fixing process? 51:16


  1.     Any plans to come up north for a seminar? 51:16


  1.     Can you put on weight with antidepressants, worried it might affect my fitness? 53:22



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Aug 29, 2022

Today’s podcast is a solo Q+A with Brian. 


  1.     Should you feel hunger if you are in a calorie deficit? 02:15


  1.     What are your thoughts on reverse dieting 07:45


  1.     Can you build muscle in a calorie deficit? 14:00


  1.     I’m using my fitness pal app, do you eat back your burnt calories for fat loss? 21:53


  1.     Is getting fit while building muscle possible or should one be a priority? 29:59



  1.     How do you think long term studies of all the 0kcal energy drinks will look from a health perspective? 38:33


  1.     How often should I attempt to up my weight in the gym for all exercise? 41:55


  1.     Good resistance training plans to get me going, at the 0 to 1 stage? 48:36


  1.     Is Cardio A Waste of Time? 49:31



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Aug 22, 2022

Dr Megan Rossi is a gut health nutrition expert. 


She is also the founder of the gut health clinic, co-founder of BioandMeUK, columnist at the daily mail and multiple time best-selling author. 


Her first appearance on the podcast was on October 7th 2019 in episode 246 titled The Gut Health Doctor Megan Rossi on Your Gut and How To Eat Yourself Healthy and in today’s podcast, we talk about her new book “How to Eat More Plants’ and all thing gut health.

Here are some of the topics explored in today’s episode. 

-       Hormone control and gut health 

-       IBS, food triggers and managing bloating/discomfort

-       How to learn to tolerate food triggers 

-       The diversity diet and adding in foods vs removing foods

-       Why calorie counting isn’t everything for weight and fat loss

-       Sleep, your circadian rhythm gut microbes

-       And much more. 






Amazon links to Megan’s books:


Aug 19, 2022

This was my recent appearance on the Lifestyle Lifters Show with Adrian McDonnell.

This was a very enjoyable conversation. I hope you enjoy it too.

Follow Adrian’s podcast here:

From his shownotes:

  • How Brian left is permanent teaching job & went all in on becoming an online coach
  • The one question Brian’s mum asked him back in 2011 that changed the game for him
  • Tips on overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • How Brian scaled & grew his business
  • Brian’s experience running 250km through the Sahara Desert & 230km in the Artic Circle
  • Tips on balancing your training around your lifestyle
  • Plus much more!
Aug 15, 2022

Sara is a board-certified pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in online pelvic floor fitness programs. 

Her goal is to save the world one vagina at a time by providing expert care for your down there. 


“Our healthcare system is currently doing a terrible disservice to people with vaginas. Postpartum “care,” for instance, is little more than a six-week permission slip to return to exercise and sex. And if we happen to have any concerns, they’re brushed off. “Welcome to motherhood,” or, “That’s normal at your age,” we’re told. But that is not OK.


Since 2006, Sara has worked with thousands of women suffering from pelvic floor problems, and I decided something had to change and feels that we shouldn’t be normalizing pelvic floor problems. We ought to be normalizing pelvic floor conversations.


And so, The Vagina Whisperer was born. She created this space so that every vagina owner out there—can finally get the care they deserve.


Here are some of the things we discussed outside of the topics in the title: 

  • The main reasons for painful sex
  • Best practices for exercising during pregnancy 
  • How the Vagina Whisperer movement grew and now has over 390k Instagram followers. 
  • Social media and unrealistic expectations for post pregnancy realties to be aware of.
  • And much more. 


Aug 12, 2022
This episode first aired 09 Sep 2019 
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Today’s episode is with a very special guest. 
Simon Halpin is the man who ran Marathon Des Sable alongside me in 2018. He was also with me every step of the way for our 230km run through the Arctic Circle in February of this year.   
This is much more of a ‘fly on the wall conversation’ type of episode than a structured interview.
On top of talking through Simon’s Ironman triathlon experience, we go back and forth about our 
experiences in the Sahara and the Arctic.
We go through all the highs and lows and our main take away from each adventure.
I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed recording it. 
Aug 8, 2022

Joan Rosenberg, PhD is a psychologist, bestselling author, corporate wellness consultant, and media expert who is known globally as an acclaimed speaker and trainer on communication, confidence, resilience, authenticity and grief. 

As a three-time TEDx speaker and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, she has been recognized for her innovative Emotional Mastery and confidence building approach, and for her thought leadership and global influence in personal development.

Her latest book is 90 Seconds to a Life You Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity is available now and we’ll be diving into it in today’s show. Enjoy. 


Book link:



Aug 5, 2022
This episode first aired 26 August 2019 
Left a review or rating for the podcast? Be sure to take a screen shot 
and email it to my assistant at or for a really cool bonus.  
I’ve been given some incredible advice over years so for today’s 
episode I’ve expanded on the ones that have had the biggest impact 
on me. 
Another ‘press record and talk episode. I hope it helps. 
    To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want  02:32  
    What’s meant for you won’t pass you  14:23  
    Leave your ego at the door   20:25  
    Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20  23:39  
    Blowing out somebody else’s candle doesn’t make yours blow any 
brighter    29:39  
    It’s better to be punched heard by the truth than kissed softly by a 
lie  35:58  
    Luck Is setting up an environment for good things to happen  40:59  
    If you wouldn’t switch positions with the person, why are you 
listening to them?  45:27  
    People above you rarely take a swipe at you.  51:04  
Don’t be a dick!  57:19  
If the other person can’t help you, then don’t complain to them!  
If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  01:06:04  
It normally all works out in the end. “You will be fine”  01:08:28 
Aug 1, 2022

This is a podcast talking about my recent life changing experience with Amazonian medicine Ayahuasca. The conversation is guided by one of my best friends Orla O’ Flaherty. Enjoy.


I also discuss my experience with Kambo and the terrifying 5-MeO-DMT trip in this episode. 


Warning: this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not advice or a recommendation (medical or otherwise) 



Quick link to all my books, programs and courses:

Jul 29, 2022

In today’s podcast, we go through the 5 thyroid types and talk about Inna’s course for those looking to address their thyroid issues once and for all. If this is your first, or hopefully final step with fixing your thyroid issues, I hope it helps loads.


The five thyroid types: 

  1. High TSH
  2. Low T3
  3. Unavailable Hormone Type
  4. Under Stimulated Type
  5. All Normal Type 


Thyroid mystery solved course: Who it’s for, what’s in it, how it works and how much it costs.

Code: BRIAN for $100 off

Jul 25, 2022

Dr. Stacy Sims is a Researcher, Author, and Leading Global Expert on Female Physiology & Training


Stacey was on the podcast in July 2021 in episode 338 talking about nutrition and training sex differences and why women are not small men. 


In today’s podcast, we are going to take a look at her new best-selling book – NEXT LEVEL. 


For active women, menopause can hit hard but it doesn’t have to be the end of you kicking ass at the gym, on the trail, in the saddle, or wherever you work out. Once you understand your physiology, you can work with it to optimize your performance. In NEXT LEVEL Stacey teaches the underlying causes of menopause—the hormonal changes that are causing all the symptoms you’re feeling, and their impact on your wellness and performance—and what to do about it. 


Here are some of the things we talked about: 


  •     The Stats, The Stigma, The Science
  •     The Science of the Menopause Transition
  •     Hormones and Symptoms Explained
  •     Menopause Hormone Therapy, Adaptogens, and Other Interventions
  •     Kick up Your Cardio and Time to Lift Heavy Shi*t!
  •     Eat Enough and Fuelling for the Menopause Transition
  •     Sleeping Well and Recover Right
  •     Motivation and the Mental Game: Your Mind Matters
  •     Supplements: What You Need and What You Don’t
  •     Pulling It All Together






Her books:




Jul 18, 2022


Alastair is a personal trainer, multiple time fitness model world champion who specialises in female weight loss.


This is his hat trick appearance on the podcast and we go deep into some previously unexplored topics. 


Here are some of the things we talked about on today’s show:


  •     Being self-consumed by the way you look and overcoming it
  •     Steroids in fitness industry and what people need to know or understand about it
  •     Insecurities manifesting themselves in how you show up in the works
  •     His recent ayahuasca trip 
  •     And much more. 




Previous episode:


Links: Instagram:


Alastair’s Website:



Jul 11, 2022

Martha Mckittrick is a registered dietitian and nutrition expert who has been specializing in PCOS for the past 20 years. 


Despite the fact that PCOS is the most common hormone abnormality affecting women, there is still so little known about it. 


And even worse, the internet is full of misinformation and her mission is to spread awareness to health professionals, the lay public, and most importantly women with PCOS. 


Diet and lifestyle are the first line treatment for PCOS and her coaching uses real food and lifestyle and behavior changes to decrease your symptoms, help you meet your goals and live your best life.

In today’s podcast we do a deep dive on all things PCOS. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast:

  •     What and when to eat for PCOS
  •     Fasting and PCOS, what you need to know 
  •     Alcohol and PCOS – is it really a no go? 
  •     Identify PCOS drivers (or triggers) 
  •     Stress management and sleep vs insulin resistance with PCOS
  •     The exercise spectrum with PCOS – too tired to workout vs training too much for force weight loss
  •     The supplements that will support PCOS 
  •     And more. 



In addition to personal coaching, Martha has two online courses for PCOS called the PCOS Nutrition & Lifestyle Blueprint and Prevent and Reverse Prediabetes and Diabetes with PCOS.







Jul 8, 2022

This episode first aired 03 Jun 2019 

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Siobhan is an online coach, fitness influencer and world traveller. 


This is her second appearance on the podcast. The first one ‘#135: 

Siobhan O’Hagan On Living A Life Of Freedom, Avoiding Fad Diets and 

How Putting Accountability Photos On Instagram Changed Her Life’ was recorded in March 2018. 


In today’s episode, we jumped from everything weight loss, food and training to disconnecting from ego, building self-awareness and how to find self-love.




Jul 4, 2022


“3 years left to live, 2 records to break, 2.3 million to raise and 0 excuses” 

Iain Liam Ward was diagnosed with brain cancer in May 2020 and has spent the last two years raising money for cancer research with his incredible fitness challenges. 

He’s trying to break the world record for the most money raised for cancer; but he isn’t asking people for donations (although he’s grateful for them), instead he is trying to gain more social media followers so he can reach out to big brands that will sponsor him for races and donate that money to cancer research. 

He already has 1.5 million followers on TikTok (at the time of recording) and is exploding on the other channels as well. Be sure to give him a follow after this podcast. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show:

  •     How he is the luckiest of unlucky people in his brain cancer diagnosis
  •     What stage 3 brain cancer means for his fitness and training 
  •     Why he’s happy he found out
  •     How to avoid the pity party when you get bad news
  •     How the fitness mindset and thinking a certain way helped him cope
  •     And more..








Jul 1, 2022

This episode first aired 18th January 2019 

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Orla qualified as a Dietitian from Kings College London. She initially 

obtained an honors degree in Physiology from Trinity College, 

allowing her to apply her detailed knowledge of the human body to 

the nutritional management of conditions and diseases. Since then 

Orla upgraded her BA in Physiology to an MA in Physiology and went 

on to achieve a Masters in Clinical Nutrition at Roehampton 

University, London. 


She is one of my ‘go to’ people when it comes to the latest research on topics and I love her ability to argues the pros and cons for nearly any dietary approach.

If you struggle with weight or fat loss, are on the autoimmune spectrum (thyroid issues, IBS, PCOS) or want to know how alcohol affects your sex drive (for the guys), then this is a must listen. 



Jun 27, 2022

Rashad is a former UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion and UFC Hall of Famer. 

Rashad knows a thing or two about the connection between mind and body, and the importance of having both in sync. He credits mushrooms for that one-two punch of focus + energy in training and competition, and then easing the transition from fighter to “just getting back to being me.”

He is passionate about transforming sports nutrition and transforming access to education so that others can have the same opportunities that he did.


Sports injuries and the lasting mental damage caused as a result can impact athletes for decades even after they’ve left the game. This is especially true in high contact sports like football and mixed martial arts. The conversation is now turning towards functional mushrooms and the health benefits they could be holding when it comes to supporting injured players. 


Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast


  • The evolution in sports nutrition with functional mushrooms
  • Micro dosing psilocybin
  • Spiritual dosages of psilocybin and the profound impacts it had on Rashad’s life 
  • The most underrated functional mushrooms (for gut health and recovery) 
  • And much more 



Social media



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Jun 24, 2022
This episode first aired 19th November 2018 
Left a review or rating for the podcast? Be sure to take a screen shot and email it to my assistant at or for a really cool bonus.  
I’m the process of writing my third book centred around mindset so  I’ve jumped all over the place today.
I’ve gone off on a million tangents but I know these episodes normally go down very well as 
I’m just thinking out loud for most of it.
I hope you enjoy it. 
My second book about sports nutrition and strength and 
conditioning for GAA players (titled: GAA: Leaner, Stronger, Faster) 
will out before Xmas. 
Even though these are the three questions, I’ve jumped around with topics such as mental health vs. mental illness; journaling to ease self induced anxiety and stories from my early bodybuilding days, my fear of running through the desert and my own crippling issues with 
self-sabotage over the years. 
As a non-runner, how do you motivate yourself to put in the miles  
Did you spend large amounts of time reading about fitness, the body, mindset etc.?
You’re very knowledgeable and I wondered how you did it?  28:02  
I listened to your podcast on how to deal with negative 
people…before I say anything else- it was amazing!!  However, I have 
one huge issue- I think I’m that negative person to myself! HELP!  
1 2 3 Next »